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    [jQuery, CSS, HTML] On click dropdown menu help ?

    Hey there, I am currently on working on a content management system and am wanting to create a dropdown menu on click for the front end of the website however I can't appear to get it working I believe that the problem lies somewhere in the jQuery as I'm choosing the wrong CSS elements (don't...
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    PHP & HTML Flash Object Help

    While I may not have updated the OP with the echo due to time constrants I did have the time to do it to the file itself on the webserver through notepad++. I am going to test the html later on as I'm currently on my phone at the moment. The file paths are also set from the site root as that's...
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    PHP & HTML Flash Object Help

    Thanks, I have now echoed $game however it still doesn't appear to be working. Everything that needs to be there is on the webserver.
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    PHP & HTML Flash Object Help

    Hey, I am currently working on a website that will include flash games however I have encountered the problem with the flash game not actually appearing the dimensions on the website change however the game doesn't show ( In test.php I have...