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    Need designs for SigMessenger - 300 credits each

    I am still looking for designs.
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    Need designs for SigMessenger - 300 credits each

    Thanks guys. I can't send credits right now but I'll send them as soon as I can.
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    Need designs for SigMessenger - 300 credits each

    Hello, Some of you may remember a website I had a while back called SigMessenger (or SigChat). I'm reopening it and need designs. SigMessenger is a service that lets you put a chat room in a forum sig, email sig, etc. The images need to have a spot where I can put the user's name (for example...
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    My cPanel is not working.

    Hello, Are you able to load the cPanel login page or will it not load at all?
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    I can't access my mail account

    Hello, Check the MX records on your domain and make sure they are still pointing to Google Apps.
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    Mail() function still disabled

    Hello, Mail() should be working now.
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    Can't Change Domain Name

    Hello, What do you want your domain changed to?
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    WordPress "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare"

    Hello, The problem appears to be with the WP-United. You will have to contact them for support.
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    Improve Free Hosting

    IRC issue resolved over IRC.
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    Choose A Profession For Person Above You!

    Unreliable battery salesman
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    Community Helpers vs Normal Members

    -7 I can have some fun sometimes as well :)
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    Would it be easier at this point to start over from scratch?

    Hello, We have been moving all of our servers to a new datacenter. Things should start to run much better soon.
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    MediaWiki and EyeOS

    eyeOS is not because it uses a lot of CPU power.
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    web site down???