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    forgotten my cpanel username

    how do i return forgotten cpanel usernames. hats my question its bin so long since u guys got up and running again, its bin over a year, i don't have it anymore in my email,so how do i get to know what my cpanel username is is there do so?
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    cp panel problem

    well for the last 2 weeks now i tryed to get into my cp panel but i when i try i first get this in the url so that basicly says somethinf is hacked next to that i get a message my cpanel doesn't exist?? :wtf:
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    unsuspend plz

    cPanel Username:william X10 Package:coperate How long your account has been up:3-4 weeks Did you have the ads placed on every page:on the forum yes, not on the subpage i'm still working on but i will
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    i've bin suspendet i want the reason cause i had the ads on the page, and i was making subpages but i'm stil busy with them so the ads come later plz check ik
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    invisionboard help

    if u go to my forum, at right at the beginning you'll this image and want it out of my page, so i searched in my stylesheets, i couldn't find it, i searched in my wrappers,same result how the piep do i get rid of that
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    oke in my design career i made over 5 forums/skins, but this time i have an problem when u go to my forum than right away you'll see the big nlue line, with invision board on it, how do i get rid of that??????:ughdance:
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    put the site online

    oke well i did some htmlstuff in the file manager, but first i wanne do is put it online to see how it looks. now is my question how do i put it online cause i still get this crap
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    help with everything

    well hi there everyone,i got a pfew problems here basicly i requested an corp package,and got it, so when i logged in me cp, i was confused cause, i'm used to additing html in an file manager, and the file manager here confuses me alot don't get it at all so thats 1 question, how do i edit...