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    open source pltform like this?

    Whatever... but you can download the upgrade, first he can use fantastico to easy install it and then upgrade it from there. Personally I think that takes less than five minutes... if you download it before hand but whatever works for everybody dude.
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    open source pltform like this?

    Theres always trying to use wordpress I think theres a fantastico install of it already, or there should be one of it.
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    Is Vista Worth?

    I doubt Micro**** would do something like that, THEY HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE! Everything is about the money and ****ty coders for them.
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    MMORPG's: Whats Good? apart from WOW?

    Air Rivals is a good game, I have played it before when the name was SpaceCowboy Online, seems that the newer company that took charge of the game hasn't screwed it up.... yet......
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    Which OS?

    somebody choose linux to break the tie >_> windows must be destroyed!
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    Basic Ruby Question

    From what I am told you need absolute server, which is an adfree server.
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    Intel or AMD CPU?

    I use an intel duo core but I'm voting for AMD because I hear AMD runs better with games than intel. I like both intel and amd but I cannot choose one over the other because each has it own use and like somebody else said... the price factor differs.
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    Which OS?

    Im between linux and mac osx... but I choose linux because you can crossbreed with it when your deving, much easier with it than osx or just plain old pain in the neck windows..
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    New template! Please review!

    6/10 for effort... the thing I don't like about it is it would be hard to use. Theres the main content box but what about previous news items, fill that extra space yo. Or at least put one big shoutbox area to fill that empty space there, you know what I mean? :rant2: its a common throwin to new...
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    What is the best web design language.

    Try ruby and python as well... they maybe easier to use at times. I like php for its power and ruby for its power and simplicity. As for python... that crap confuses the hell out of me so I don't touch it.
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    Your Web Designing Applications

    Thats pretty cool, I have photoshop and gimpshop ;) but I hardly use gimpshop because well.. its different from what I am used too.
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    ATI or nVidia?

    Nvidia, they are an awsome brand... I always trust their cards I never ever went to ATI before but once I tried an ATI on a friends machine I found it to be gay as hell...
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    Your Web Designing Applications

    Adobe Photoshop CS3 Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Flash phpDesigner Notepad++ NetBeans [PHP/Ruby/JAVA] FireFTP These are the programs I use, depending on what I'm making I use all of them or some of them.
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    Hello all

    Hello all, my nickname is cybergig. I came here to work on ruby applications and java based applications. While there may not be some things I would want on x10 hosting it seems pretty good for a free host so I'm going to try it. :biggrin: