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    Please do not waste your money at neobux!

    It sounds like you are a new member of neobux, or you are an "ULTIMATE" member. If you are a standard member and have enough experience at neobux, I'm 100% sure that you will never say like this. I'm saying this because, I have been a member of neobux for more than 2 years and rented referrals a...
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    I'm also from india. Nice to see you here! x10 is really a great service! Their premium service is also a great one! You can check it at: If you are a beginner in web designing, can help you learn a lot of things! It's an online tutorial for PHP, ASP.NET...
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    Please do not waste your money at neobux!

    Interesting fact! The first result of that search is THIS page! :) :) :)
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    Please do not waste your money at neobux!

    Yes, neobux pays! But, Don't you want some money in the account to cashout? It cheats you when you try to increase ur balance. You can't increase the balance like you think. It's very hard , very very hard! Most of the users think that they can have exponential increase of balance if they rent...
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    Please do not waste your money at neobux!

    I know that neobux is considered to be trusted site. But, please read the following facts and think whether you also noticed these. #1. On the day which you rented referrals, most of them will click 4 ads! #2. From the next day onwards, the average will start dropping! #3. After 30...
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    Another waste site hosted by Buxhost! Better do not wate your time there!
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    Great New Site Earn Without Invest 1Year Subscription

    Dear bro! How can you say that a site hosted by buxhost is Great and New??? I would recommend you not to waste your time there!
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    Suggestion about a new server

    Thanks for the support and suggestions! As a beginner, I am with a very little knowledge of servers. Anyway, Thank you guys!
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    Suggestion about a new server

    Why no reply???? Nobody likes to help me????
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Me too, I would use Linux if I could run all softwares designed for Windows on Linux.
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    Suggestion about a new server

    Hi friends, I am a beginner webmaster. I plan to host a website on my own server. Since, I am a beginner, I need some help from you. What I need is some suggestions on the following things: 1. Which model server (brand, model etc) do you suggest? 2. What should be the minimum connection...
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    Pleaase have a look - horse lovers welcome. :-)

    It has a very less content! Better you include more content to the site!
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    thanks for x10hosting

    x10premium is even better than x10hosting! Try it out:
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    Bug report!

    The page rewards is not displaying correctly! Here is a screenshot:
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    Cannot reply to member posts in support

    Free hosting members are not allowed to reply to threads in the Free Hosting Support Forum. It's implemented to prevent thread hijacking. That is, some users will reply "I too have this problem" and they will take over the thread. Free hosting members are allowed to post in Free Hosting Support...