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    Asp/asp .net/php

    It was a tough choice. However, it should be noted that PHP is a language and ASP.NET is a framework... So I'll compare C# and PHP also. I started out with PHP about 5 years ago, tooka few years 'off' from it and learned C++, and then came back to it around 2 or 3 years and started using /...
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    Not really. Since it's an exe, it's probably gonna be a native Win32 executable, which will have no connection to Java. The low level of operations in the binary are probably not at all possible in Java. The closest you might be able to get with a conversion is if it's a .NET executable, whereas...
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    XML parsing error

    What is a multiword XML field? To me, and I'm guessing to standard XML parsers, it is simply a field with attributes. The only 'multiword' XML field I could think of explicitly scoped in a namespace, separated by underscores, or a period, but the last two are only different identifiers / naming...
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    Corriendo una funcion de php en file html

    También, podrías añadir a tu archivo .htaccess que la extensión HTML se debe ejecutar por PHP así: AddType application/x-httpd-php .html Pero eso permite que todas las páginas HTML sean ejecutadas por PHP (dado que se ubicara en tu directorio root de www). Al otro lado podrías poner tu contador...
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    req :Beautify table

    This site came from the search that rockee gave you: If you look at these, you should find the one that fits your scenario.
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    ext grid with PHP

    Tengo un ejemplo de hacer una tabla de informe de un basedato. Aquí es, en inglés. Pero quizás sea más complejo que lo que quieres, porque requiere el librería de Thacmus. EDIT: Whoops! Ese ejemplo no enseña algo con un intercambio con el basedato. Así podrías hacer: class Test extends DBI {...
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    some coding required.. will pay upto 1300 credits

    You might want to supply this link: It's the PHP 'port' for the GDATA Provisioning API. It could help them have something to work off. You might also want to check if this package is on PEAR, so you could install it...
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    Configuring FileZilla (linux)

    What exactly are you filling out in the Site Manager? As long as your information is correct, it should be good...
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    Altering MySQL Database

    What API are you using? Different API's have different ways of connecting. Ex: The basic mysql driver gets connection information by passing each piece as an argument.
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    Creacion de dll para php

    ¿Por qué te preocupas con que los usarios no pueden ver la fuente? Si usas sólo PHP, es ejecutado al lado del servidor y sólo envia el output al cliente - no pueden ver la fuente menos que les dejes (por cambiar el extensión o algo así). También no tienes que tratar de hacer el DLL funcionar con...
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    Poll: Would you like MagickWand to be installed?

    Googled "php imagemagick", and found this, which also referred to imagick, which is on PECL. A nice thing about it is that it has OOP. Here's an example from the cvs for making thumbnails.
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    Free Software Suggestions

    Some more: Category: Operating System Name: Ubuntu Desc: An easy-to-install, easy-to-use GNU/Linux operating system 'for humans' based on Debian. One of its prime features is the Debian package management system - installing new software is only a click away. Comes preinstalled with many of the...
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    Creacion de dll para php

    ¿Quieres subir la dll al servidor? Has de tener la compatibilidad en cuenta, porque los servidores aquí functionan en Linux, mientras dlls son principalment para Windows. Si quieres usar .NET, tienes que checar si los servidos lo tienen. ¿Qué quieres hacer con la dll?
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    The installation process for Ubuntu is pretty simply. Get yourself a CD, either by burning yourself an ISO downloaded from the main site, or ordering one online. Reboot your computer with the CD in the drive, it should boot off of the CD, and it'll give some options on how to boot. and by...
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    subir sql pesada

    Si no hay otra opción, podrías escribir tu propio código sencillo que toma, 'decompresa', y ejecutar el archivo en gzip. Uso algo como eso para limpiar mi demo sitio cada dos días. Si se utiliza mysqli será fácil. [Trataré de postear más informe sobre éste] Edit: Buscaba por el PHP Manual...