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    Don't let this happen to you.

    There is no way for me to delete my own account that is the reason. So all my work is lost now. Please close this thread anyone. Edit: Thanks merillmck. But I don't mind I had backups of the whole site. as I do my coding in my own computer and upload via ftp. a pity I cannot retrieve the data...
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    Don't let this happen to you.

    I never said that I didn't do anything wrong. What I posted there is that I wasn't aware, and that I was willing to compromise had that guy from the support chat been reasonable we could have resolved that problem by now. :) I have always been helpful to people who ask for help in the...
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    help with login system

    did you put the session_start() in every page? also try to check that you are saving your document in utf-8 format as it is what is stipulated in your doc-type.
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    Mail Header check

    This I got to know if you resolved I've been wanting to ask a similar question but couldn't piece out a meaningful question. So if anyone knows how to resolve this. please help.
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    header function fails even on pure php pages

    I'll go with smooth2 it is your Character encoding that is the problem... try to match your php file's encoding with it's with the head declaration.
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    Multiple Forum / Hosting Account Links

    regarding this issue I want to ask is it necessary for me to have 4 forum accounts for 4 hosting accounts? is there a way for me to use one forum account for 4 hosting accounts? It really eats up my time trying to be active in all 4 accounts and sometimes I get confused as to what forum account...
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    Help with Regex

    hi I have this regular expression in php using preg_replace... preg_match("/\"\w+\"\.z\(\)/", $string, $matches); anyway to keep it short it matches... "This is a string".z() and "Another string".z() but it unfortunately matches... "GET: "".z() when I want it to...
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    Stop Form Values Being Equal

    xplozion could you care to elaborate on that second method. I want to apply this on my site too. but I was thinking more of using javascript but when you suggest php I think that would be better. Thanks...
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    Review My Site

    First of all, I beg to be different I feel dizzy looking at that vibrator stuff. If this is your first time to create a website then I'll give you a 4 for trying. However below are some notes I gathered before as I am a semi-beginner myself. 1. Try to create a structure or layout for your...
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    happy newyear

    Well I hate to shout but... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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    validating forms - javascript - help needed

    do you have a working link on where it actually gives you the problem? *silly me why would someone upload this kind of stuff... can you attach a file here I want to try and have a look-see.
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    Password one way encryption.

    why not pad your hashes with random hex numbers. let's say take the username and convert its characters to hex, then half it and pad it to the beginning and end. or use your imagination like somewhere in the middle. Edit: But as to the original question I think it was answered already. still it...
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    my first website

    also while using firefox 3 on linux. I noticed the bottom part of the write-up about brian wall is being covered by an advertisement AUS Web. Other than that I would recommend centering the page maybe putting the whole thing in one container div and putting margin:auto; should do the trick. I...
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    How to call js function from php code

    how do you do check for SQL Injections? do you parse all entries before commiting changes?
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    Please suggest improvement for my Engineering Website

    Your logo also seems out of proportion on the first page. Maybe it is cross-browser compatibility issue. I am using Firefox 3 in Ubuntu.