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    360 Achievement Points

    What do you guys think of the achievement system that Microsoft uses? Personally I think it's a great idea and I enjoy it thoroughly but I'm also the kind of person that uses my save games as a status symbol. I haven't played too many games on the 360 because I've only had it for a few months...
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    quick question

    whenever i click an image in my phpBB2 forums i get a small flash animation that loads my graphic, i cant make them follow links. Is that supposed to happen or is it something to do with my programming/template?
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    How does my site look?

    I'm pretty satisfied with it. I haven't made a site since the days of html but I think it looks pretty good. I can't think of anything else I need to add but it feels sortof empty to me. The forums is where most of my new content is going to go anyway but the main page is what everyone is going...