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    Buying text links 1K credits

    Added to left side of my site. It will be shown on every page throughout my site, also if you have an image I could use that instead. The site is DS Gamers On a side note the site is still under development and is making content but it will be ready soon.
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    How to stretch a site on any screen, anyone?

    Dreamweaver can be very useful if you are new to using HTML but in the long term it isn't as useful as CSS and "<div>" tags. If your site is written in tables then I don't think Dreamweaver lets you put in percentages. Instead you could browse through the code and just look for numbers like...
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    Best Quote

    A couple of my favourites are: "To err is human, but to make the same mistake twice is inexcusable." (read it in a book) "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes." - Ensei Tankado (fictional character from Digital Fortress) [roughly translated as "Who will guard the guards"] and "Knowledge is knowing a...
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    My site, Review for credits!

    I've seen lots of sites reviewed here and the people who review them look like they know what they are talking about so, DS Gamers Don't be afraid of what to say even if you think the site is rubbish, all feedback counts. I will give 5 credits for each review and I will rep anyne who posts.