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    Linking Account

    Okay, I'm sorry if I seem stupid for even asking this, but which username exactly should I put here? I tried using my x10 username, my x10 forum username and my registered email.. None worked. The problem is, I can't even remember my cPanel username (I searched my email and I didn't see my...
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    T-Shirt Design

    haha, I like the one with the iPhone text~ hilarious~ XD nice designs! :D
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    Web/Graphic Design

    I'm sorry, I didn't quite get which in the link you want to be commented on.. So I'm gonna comment on both the webpage and the designs in the portfolio section.. Webpage: The design is nice, the colors are good to look at~ I wonder what that space below the content area is for though? I deem it...
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    What do you think?

    it's okay. about the banner though, why not make the N-TECH fade-in faster? for me, it'll look better for the whole page if it seems snappier. :)
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    Site graphics

    I agree~ Photoshop is the best to use. Although if you want something for free use Gimp (opensource art-software media), although it doesn't quite make up for the many things Photoshop is capable of.
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    image review: gotta know.

    the one with the grayish-white text color is okay to me. it fits well with the overall color motif and it doesn't hurt the eye.
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    Corel or Photoshop

    It depends, I guess. I know some digi-artists who use more than one art-software media because they aim to create a certain kind of effect when rendering art.
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    Anyone use Dreamweaver?

    I hope I don't get banned by plugging this: Use torrent sites and DL video tutorials there. video tutorials are a must for n00bs who are in a hurry to learn the basics.
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    n00b alert

    :lockd: Yeah! Hello to all~:biggrin: