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    I think it can help you. To access your site in ssl hosting is so i can access my site in ssl
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    Problem with headers again...

    It's also great help for me Edit: But i think the real problem is in the Settings Page. settings.php line 131 ,where is it?what's wrong here?
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    E-mail Flash Form with PHP3

    what verison of action scripts do u use? Edit: I think the problem is in your AS code.It isn't so easy to post request in flash.You can use this php5 code to check the request. If you get nothing,it's the AS issue.Otherwise,it's the php issue.It's easy to mail in x10hosting,becasue it support...
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    Site Builder Help

    order of the items in the main menu?you mean the cpanel menu?
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    Action script 3 Movement

    the position to MC is different form the position to origo To place a object to stage is an easy thing,but to place to a absolute position is no easy. You can use the key words"as3 absolute position" 1st...
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    Help me with this pls

    It's a very cool site Edit: Woow,good job
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    Action script 3 Movement

    But You must know the key word~~You can't figure out this problem with these key words Edit: I haven't use AS since many years ago. Maybe this code can work,wirte the code in the root,not in a MC button.x(int x); button.y(int y);
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    how to put SSL on a page

    Thx ,but it seems many error with my site in ssl
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    HOW TO: IP Address Geolocation

    The code can geolocation the ip address.If it's a Chinese IP,you can get more detail in Chinese.Enjoy it. via Code: <?php function ip_query_function($ip){ $d =...
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    how to put SSL on a page

    SSL?But i can't access my site use this URL:
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    A count down counter is also well Edit: sry,it's a hit counter.;)
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    Website not loading since few days

    My site also has been down 4 days before
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    My hosting have been down for 2 days

    4 days.My hosting still being down~~~
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    My hosting have been down for 2 days

    I'm finding another free hosting to locate my blog.