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    Need Review On Adsense Site

    Plz suggest and advice on my adsense site. It has 15 original posts and scheduled to post each week. How you guy thinks about theme? will i be banned with adsense?this is the site: (best mortgage deals)thz
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    You should review our newest BMW site

    Hi there.I'd like several suggestions on a brand-new web site I developed: BMW Parts Wholesale
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    Review my site!

    the site looks good but i dont like the background color. i think it would be nice if you choose other background which is user friendly
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    need your bad critique to my site !!!

    hi, i launched a small niche a few days ago and need some real idea, what you don't like about the site? this is my site custom car mats and please don't hesitate to say anything u feel as i like to improve it
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    New to The Board

    Hi Everyone. I'm new to the forum (not to photoshop though) Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a Graphic Designer in Chicago. I hope I can give some good input to questions people may have, and learn new things that I might not know.