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    Time to take a look :)

    Hello tropicalfishforums34 Looking good, I'd like to see the forum stats + Users Online as a more lighter colour. (Just my thinking) Great "Photo Of The Month" I'd love 4 or more quick snaps of the same scene added together to make the photo seem to be film like. Wish you luck in your...
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    Review My site

    Hello sidharthsud Your site needs a lot of work done on it. Example: Your large type seems too large, but it does hide the small type that can do with some adjusting. Best wishes Liz
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    How is My Site

    Hello socialwoot62 Well presented, plenty of different topics on main page without crowding. Good luck and best wishes. Liz
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    FREE Traffic? The Honest How-To Guide

    Hello Siaram Some great tips, I like number 3 the best. Love Liz
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    review ma site

    Hello alvinzachz85 Not much to go on, but think no matter what you put in it, the text in the header logo might be overbearing. Good luck Liz
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    Please Give an Honest Review with My Site

    Hello jorossr44 The presentation of your site looks very good. Keep filling it full of Recipes and the odd story or two behind the Preparation. Best of luck with it. Liz
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    Review my Site

    Hello rudrakshya9123 I'd add a touch of red to your sites logo (mobiaz) to minimise the contrast betweeen it and the (RECENTLY ADDED) bar. Maybe add another theme like "filters" in the "side menu1", example click on SOFTWARES and see the difference a bit of colour and text adds to yor...
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    How is my site going

    Hello atiqbd4ever Your site is looking good, but I did notice when someone leaves a comment, they have a choice to add their own website link, this is good for free advertising but when anyone clicks on the other persons link it opens in the same window meaning your site is lost, not many use...
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    Best alternative to Flash?

    Hello digitalimages I suppose its how creative you want to go, I simple used my XP "Editor" to create 2 different banners and combined them together with a text/javascript code to show a flashing banner for my forum. Flash speed, text/style/colour changes in banner is all under my...
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    So what do you think of my site?

    Hello link001636 I like the soft colours (over 50 eyes look) not so keen on the red type in the header.png, on that subject is it possible to resize the newbanneragain.png to about 800px from the present 1,000px width? or do you intend using the space below for widget showing? Best of luck Liz
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    What is the best Wordpress plugin for Hit counter

    Hello Hobson\'s choice Knowing the colour and style of your blog I'd go for the top one in the screenshot below, its a simple WordPress Hit Counter; but would the Compatibility stats put you off? Good luck on...
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    My site and if i'm wasting my time :)

    Hello bobett123469 Not sure why login is needed? but the basics work ok after login, like to see button tabs self-close after onclick. Good luck Liz.
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    Please Review My site

    Hobson\'s choice Your choice of colour is easy on the eyes, now if I'm correct in my thinking, your new to "Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )" why not read as much about SEO as possible from start to finish using (keeping an up-to-date journal) your blog as a guide to help others. Good...
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    My updated website

    Hello xtacticalospreyx66 Nice images, do you intend using this model as a backdrop to a new project you are creating? Love Liz
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    My new site

    Hello randytravisrocks19 Maybe increase your Categories to a minimum of ten different subjects, using sub-forums for each one. You’re limited (free account) to how you can stop spammers, without the use of good scripts to minimize their effect, so make sure you backup your forum as the...