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    Can't get rid of "Welcome to your new account"

    when the page opens there is an option wheather to show dotfiles select the option and try
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    Earning money by searching with Google, Yahoo, & MSN

    Hea I thing this site is just great Edit: yECH i DONT LIVVVE THERE AND SO SUKS i GAT JUS 3000 by now
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    Lost connection to MySQL server

    hi I think i had the same problem with my x10 hosting one But itll just be allright in a day or two just wait and see as i say
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    Best x10 hosted Site?

    Hey Coldfirrez I thing u get ur own domain for ur Sod thingie I dont no wat it is but u can have it as Or Visit LINK REMOVED BY TITTAT for instance i am a beginner to javascript but i have a site with 300mb disk & domain etc for free Edit: Sorry for...
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    HI Subeesh I live in india too I live in TN

    HI Subeesh I live in india too I live in TN