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    x10 has been nominated

    I agree.... Indeed!!!
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    Hallo from Slovenia

    hi everyone!:)
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    ftp error disk full

    ok, disregard... it's working now!! thanks! While trying to upload through filezilla, I'm getting "disk full" error. I believe I am on the stoli server... Also, I'm only using about 10 or percent of alotted space. Wondering if it something I'm doing wrong with ftp software? Thanks and...
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    Hallo from Slovenia

    Lep dan vam želim!
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    Important Poll

    love both php and mono is a bit of a hassle, so I don't... mono... :-)
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    Hosting Account Management

    Hi. I've checked the forums, but haven't been able to see a similar problem or i've misssed it... - my "Hosting Account Management" page formating is slightly "off" - I can't access the drop-down menu at the top of the page (ACCOUNT, HOSTING, SUPPORT) -the drop down menus drop to the...
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    Corey Got married!!

    happy for you!? :nuts: kidding of course! g
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    ok! thank you... g
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    When using phpmyadmin, the "create database" is not available and below that it says "no privileges". I created a database from MySql and MySql_Wizard, but no difference when using phpmyadmin. I then tried changing my password for Cpanel, but no change. Also, when using phpmyadmin, I...