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  • Thanks, I'm sure you can join me as a Community Spam Staff Member as well soon enough. :)
    You already congratulated me on #LiquidPHP.
    And I didn't really expect you to add Edward. This has been recurring and he needs to learn that not everyone on my friends list is his friend.
    I got a "good reason" for you from Ed:

    (4:57:25 PM) adamparkzer: Garrett Royce said he would accept your friend request if you give him one good reason to
    (4:57:41 PM) pandaluvzor: ok here it is
    (4:57:44 PM) pandaluvzor: the reason is
    (4:57:48 PM) pandaluvzor: ILH
    (4:57:54 PM) pandaluvzor: ALOT
    (4:58:03 PM) adamparkzer: I'll be sure to deliver that message to him
    (4:58:06 PM) pandaluvzor: do it
    (4:58:22 PM) pandaluvzor: deliver the message
    (4:58:26 PM) pandaluvzor: and much much more
    Edward Lam is sitting next to me right now and he wants you to accept his Facebook friend request.

    I don't think you should do it.
    Sorry to annoy you, I'm still having majour issue with CPanel, the full details is in the orginal thread.


    Hi there; If I remember correctly, a few months ago, you were organising some new knowledgebase content. I wanted to help at the time, but I knew I was moving home, so couldn't give you my time. So, are they finished? Where are they? Can I help with any now? I found 5 recent posts asking the same question about how to get ASP.Net working, so I'd be happy to attempt that (as I know the common pitfalls). Any thoughts?

    While I'm here, it seems most of what I know about php is from you, so thanks man!
    Moving isn't nice - usually just hard work, stressful & expensive - so I wish you good luck with it.

    Just don't forget to pack your PC!
    What's this? No posts from garrettroyce for 3 weeks? :eek4:

    I know that I've been busy & had to cut back in my activity here lately, but it would seem that you are setting me some even higher standards!
    Hi Garrettroyce , how are you , I was checking the forum as I got some error in the script and found you were helping the guy who has this error >>>>when installing a script geting - E_CORE_NOTICE - ???? I have the same problem and same script, can you please help me out too
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