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    domain name?

    Normally I think it ranges from roughly $7 to 10$ a year without any promotion. With promotion, you can get one for as low as 6$
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    Search Engine Optimization Keywords – the right keywords tools

    I thought getting visitors to your site is about the keyword statistics on your site and not what you just put in the meta tags. Even if you get the most searched keywords from the suggestion tools, you'll still have to optimize your page with it and then get into the competition for the top...
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    besy way to promote your site is to submit articles in directories

    I think article submission is not just the best way to get traffic but also seo. Forum posting and blog commenting seems to be the best. @Urwaind, I'm sorry but, traffic does not just come within a twinkle of an eye You need to be patient and wait a while and if possible add your link to your...
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    Adsense issue

    I think it might be a problem with x10 for my site acted the same last time. But it can also be as a results of your adsense settings. If you chose to let the space be fill with slid colors when there are no matching ads, then there will be an empty space several times, especially the first day...
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    free .com domain

    This question always has an ambiguous answer. It's not all that possible to get a free .com. But on some occasions you can get them by joining the pay per action clubs. (which unfortunately about 80% are scams). You can likewise do some forum postings on domain name sites and when you reach...
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    Selling Site and Domain

    Ok. The site is Ok but the owner did not supply any transaction information. Is it that anyone interested should pm you or what? If not I think Brandon is right, better list it at sitepoint.
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    account suspension help

    My account was suspended with a suspension code of 3E61BC84B466. How can I go about unsuspending it?
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    Domain registration

    Thanks for the link to the registration. I did not know that x10 was a registrar
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    how to earn mony by using my site?

    It seems everyone else support the ad thing. But one thing you should know is that, not all sites can earn you money through ads If you choose to use ads, then it should be adsense. :You can likewise try better affiliate programs or cpm if your site is going to receive serious buyers
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    More Than 450,000 PLR Full Master Resell Rights Articles for ONLY $5.50

    Cool. I really have a paypal account but in a limited mode. Isnt there any other way to buy. I mean alternate payment option? What are the make up of the articles (categorie(s)).
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    I need to know this. Why I can't reach my site

    About 2 months now since I moved to a new area, I've not been able to reach my site. I get time out all of the time. It seems I'm able to reach my site through only one ip. Is x10 members sites configured to use just one ip? Because of this, I signed up with other free host and they are working...
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    Earn $$$ with new per-file-download program

    I thnk thats good. But its not as easy as it seems. To get 1000 unique visitors to download a file of 100-400mb is not easy and for me it does not worth the effort
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    Where did the back up go

    It seems the back up option is lost from the control panel. :dunno:. where did it go? Also, there are many times when I cannot access my site although others at different network does. Whats wrong with my ip. Is each account restricted to certain ips?
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    email service

    For begining, I think hivemail might be very good. its just a script you install and there you are. You wil be running your own email services like You can even configure it with more domains. And for the registration, you can close it anytime you want so that you maintain...
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    Help - How To Get Google Rank.

    I don't really know where you got the idea of no link exchange. If you are not aware, link exchange is the strong hold of millions of sites. How many sites will link without a link back (one way link.). Even web directories will serve your site better if you link back to them. The link exchange...