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    This forum is looking damn cheap

    its been almost 1 month after my last visit in this forum, and i'm shock with its new look. hhhhmmm yeah right this forum is nice, and if i am correct, x10 forum is in googles top 10 forum sites
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    What do you think?

    Men your portfolio is nice, yet not as good for a portfolio site. . Y? because your home page is so dull, as a tip or advice you might include your picture, or latest portfolio pictures in your home page. check this out:
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    Check this tourism site

    Hey buddies!:biggrin: I have included in this post the link of my tourism site may you please review it for me. This site includes information about a place called pangasinan in the philippines. The website also display pictures, of almost all the natural attractions of the place. I have...
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    High School

    ROCK!!!! High school life was the best i remember i had my first time in sex with my first girlfriend, that was about 4th year, 2 months before our graduation. . . I also remember the time when me together with my classmates watch porn in the hauz of one of our classmate when his parents go to...
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    What is your favorite travel or vacation place on earth?

    As of today, beautiful huge shopping malls and entertainment places where everywhere. Everything that man needs where everywhere, but still natures beauty is the best. Beautiful beaches, caves, mountains are everywhere. For you, what is your top 5 best places (natural attractions) in the world...
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    You can advertise to my site

    Hi, :happysad: A new web developer here looking for sponsors. I have included in this post the links of the websites i have made. You can post your advertisement just give me the code and I would be proud to include it to the pages of my websites.
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    Howz this???

    You have a nice website, just play and add more features to it, and add more interesting and captivating pictures.
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    Php Tutorial

    W3Schools are the best way to start your career in php. . . .
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    My Webpage

    men, your site is nice in terms of features since it shows tutorials in different prog. languages, it help beginners like me, but in terms of the deign, its too simple, neat yeah but its too simple, try to make it more attractive, more corporate.
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    look at my design please!!

    your design is quite too simple for a chocolate factory? or store website. add more pictures to your design, make it soo00oo attractive, since you said that chocolate is delicious, then make also your site delicious:'> hope my advice will help.:biggrin...
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    Can you please include my website link to your website the link is <a href=""> Pangasinan toursite </a> <a href=""> QMA School Site </a> I am willing for a link back
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    Please help me

    Hello people, may you please review my sites, and may you please help me endorse it so that it will be indexed and ranked in google. And can you please give me tips and suggestions to make it better. Thanks a lot here are the links:
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    Weird design

    its nice just be creative. but for me its already good http://www/
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I much prefer Windows XP, since it is very powerful, very fast, almost all programs are able to be installed here compare to other os which are choosy in some applications especially windows vista . . . although in GUI, windows xp is not as great as windows vista or windows 7 please visit...
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    Left 4 Dead 2

    hhhmmm??? I am not a player of left 4 dead . . . I much prefer playing warcraft Dota All Star. . men Owning. . . . please visit: these websites are made from scratch so please understand if there are bugs thanks. . .