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    Need help on SMTP

    i am using phpbb running on my localhost within local SMTP server, when i try to send mail i receive this error message: Ran into problems sending Mail. Response: 550 550 Delivery is not allowed to this address. DEBUG MODE Line : 154 File : smtp.php dont know what that mean, and...
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    tips for performance on pc apache server

    is there any tips or tricks to optimize apache , MySql, and php to make your server run faster better performance and reduce resources taking i try to run my own server on my windows pc but it seems too slow, so if you guys have any good tips and tricks, please can you share, i really love to...
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    suspension page and check page error

    both page seems to hyper, just flashing or rediecting by itself is there anyway to stop it ?
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    Question about earning cash

    How do i get cash because i noticed i only earn points for my post ?
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    Hi there Admins & Members of x10

    I am a newbie friend introduce me to this site and said you guys are great service for hosting, i hope i can get around with you guys here and getting approved for my hosting account nice to meet you all and have a great time being online. Hetic
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    Request for hosting (please read!)

    Hi all i have register an account with you guys ...and wonder why after i completed the registration for hosting application said to check my email to be continued, but i went ahead to check my email and guess what ...there is no email was sent at all, can you please nicely and check it...