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    Halo Side Scrolling Game

    wow lol, i have to try this out, i love halo but side scrolling will be different
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    Anyone here play Flyff?

    does anyone here play flyff (fly for fun)? I do, I got a lvl 80 blade, lvl 77 rm, lvl 71 bp, lvl 63 bp, and a lvl 44 merc. and I play on aibatt sever =) If you play flyff post your characters names and lvls and what sever you play on ;)
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    hi everyone

    hi i'm new to this forum but i know what i'm doing and i been coding for like 1/2 years now i think i'm a pro =P so i thought i make a gaming site since i like games ^^ and since i'm making a game called final warzone with a program called rpg maker xp