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    User login

    Nop... Nothing, and i still can get into the forum with my username and password.... But not in the management
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    User login

    I was trying to enter de account management with my username and password but it sais its not a valid... I have not changed my password... I don't understand... And i see is a problem of server or something because i entered to the forum without prooblem.
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    Slow pages

    Hello I want to know why here in my country (Dominican Republic) my page take a lot of time to show...??
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    where are my databases?

    hin my sql my databases don't appear, where they are???
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    I need help urgently

    I'm on fris but Cpanel is not working Would you please tell me what server i'm in now? tnks
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    I have problem to access my e-mail accounts on the webmail!
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    Database lost!

    Thanks for the link i think that's my problem ;)
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    Database lost!

    But my web pg. don't enter, look at
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    Database lost!

    In cPanel when i enter to the MySQL page, both of my databases are empty, what happend? You (X10) said that there will not be data lost! my cPanel account is imc2004
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    changes in DNS

    There is going to be changes in the DNS because when i try to acces my webpage i see this " This Site Has Been Moved to a New Server. It may be possible to restore access to this site by following these instructions for clearing your dns cache. What i have to do??
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    Can't do the backup! -.-

    Ok, thanks
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    Can't acces Cpanel

    Thank You a lot!
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    Can't do the backup! -.-

    I entered by FTP to my account and the only file i see i the cgi-bin any of my files are there :mad:. So i'm gonna loose all my files again?
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    From a folder public_html all data has disappeared

    But we are not gonna lose the data right?
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    Can't acces Cpanel

    I know but a status was to enter and do a backup to prevent the lost of data!