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    Cant Upgrade

    thanks esellar thats all I needed to know.
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    Happy New Year and Plans For 2016

    I am wanting to upgrade my free account to a paid account and cant, someone on the forums told me that I wont be able to and that is odd to me, I have had two paid accounts before and have been a use for a long time and this sounds a little odd to me, I want to continue with x10 but need a...
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    Cant Upgrade

    So I cant upgrade to a pay account even if I purchase a new account?
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    Cant Upgrade

    Would like to get away from a free account and get into something a bit more robust, but the link to upgrade does not work under the sso panel. Any ideas?
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    Cant Reclaim Account

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    Cant Reclaim Account

    I was under the impression that I had an upgraded account and my account got supended and the email that was sent was sent to a no longer used email. I cant seem to "reclaim" my site. I log in but it does nothing ... So odd... or
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    Cannot Access CPanel... Redirect Not Working

    have the same issue
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    Can not create parked domain

    I am having the same problem, I have an account on Stoli that I pay for and it works just fine but there is something wrong with this server... Gavin
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    Ad a new addon domain problem

    I am having the same problem and it has been a week after opening up a ticket. No response... I also have a paid account I use and have never had problems with support. Thanks