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    Do you speak another language/tongue?

    My mother tongue is hindi but I can speak other regional languages alongwith English.
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    Windows XP vs Windows Vista

    People who don't like vista now they would've to come to vista. XP is going more mature like old people and one day it will die. Vista is young. We should always welcome present and learn experiences from past. XP is dieing. Bye XP
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    Windows XP vs Windows Vista

    I do prefer vista against XP. I do remember some years back when XP has released just service pack 1 and everywhere there was windows 98. That time people were saying 98 is better than XP. But now where is windows 98. Its almost obselete. Same war is now between Vista and XP. Vista is with...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone,
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    Free Domain(Read This)

    Hello Everyone, I just talked with support guys and as per them the link of 12 months fee waiver link is expired. Thanks