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    Intel vs AMD Processors

    Which processor is better, and why?
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    Will Anything Better Than the Ipad Ever be Made?

    The iPad is only the beginning of what is to come.
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    Download Movies

    Downloading movies for free is illegal, that's why his site got shut down.
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    Windows 8 To Stop Activation Hacks

    Who will win? A hand full of MS programmers? Or a world full of Hackers!? It's like a a competition between a bull and a pit-bull dog, Microsoft being the big strong bull. Pit-bulls kill bulls.
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    Free Software Suggestions

    You'll find plenty of free software at
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    Windows or Linux?

    BOTH Windows and Linux Since most people are using Windows, it makes it safer to use Linux, which is a good thing.
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    Web Buttons

    Nice Web Buttons I like all the stuff you can do with Windows.
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    Question of the Day

    Delcalzo is right Descalzo is right, so can I get points for confirming his answer to be correct?
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    Please Review My Forums/Site

    Account Suspended LOL Not as good as my site: Well, it's not mine but I built it.
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    Window VS Mac

    Window VS Mac = Mac Wins! Mac is far superior. Plus if you want to run Windows on your Mac, you can always install "Parallels Desktop" or "VMWare Fusion" to run Windows programs on your Mac if you need to use certain programs that aren't available for Mac.