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    Looking for a nice Static html CMS.

    after 5 years, someone finally came up with wowchemy to make hugo deploys so much of joy. Thank you esseller for introducing hugo to me.
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    Publii Meet Publii, a new Static CMS with GUI to build an extremely safe, fast and stylish HTML website. Publii is a static-website-building tool for every skill level, from beginner to developer. From MobiRise now there's publii. Static websites are making a comeback. Didn't...
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    Inactivity Times

    Hi longbich, good to hear you're still in Vietnam, less traveling these days. Am now in Malaysia and x10hosting detects it correctly but that means I cannot login and would have lost my hosting :( About the inactivity timer jasyjaws (if you're still reading this thread), I lost my site here...
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    Free Hosting Service Status Blog

    The forums link the above title to this page Unfortunately it says that the page does not exist?? Perhaps a broken link. Please check. Thanks.
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    How to create form or email on site builder?

    Check out Very simple to use interface and it's FREE Have used it for work as well as for organizing events (registration forms) Can even attach files. Google forms would be catching on soon I believe (with file attachements)
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    Cannot un-suspend

    Normally one can go to the site and login and "un-suspend" one's self But I've got a strange message this time. There is a problem with your request You are signing in from Malaysia, and unfortunately we are unable to offer free web hosting service service to Malaysia at this time. Please...
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    Cannot login and problem with country

    Hi admins and moderators Am using the hosting here and today I could not sign in because of some country problem. Have logged in before without problems. (No, am not applying for a new account here, am having problems signing in) Perhaps the admins can advice on the next course of action...
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    Accelerated Mobile Pages

    AMP Project - Interesting to note that the Google team used to generate their AMP project page but it's not so "famous" like hugo or jekyll or hexo
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    Having Hard Time Connecting Domain ''

    Have you tried clearing your cache? Or refreshing your browser? Am also able to visit your page at Suggestion - check your website on various browsers. On Opera, it seems like the CSS is not rendering the page correctly as the paragraph and some texts are overlapping...
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    Simple Site needs Simple Review :o)

    Thank you, essellar. I learn something new again.
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    Simple Site needs Simple Review :o)

    Here's another online service Check it out. It's gone down to 35.8k but you don't get to choose what quality you want. Just upload, and they compress it, and you download the file. Would it matter a lot if we use progressive JPEGs instead of static JPEGs ?
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    Simple Site needs Simple Review :o)

    Here's the download link (if you buy it, it's USD 29.00 -> Here's an online service -> You must have a really good eye to notice the differences. See attached image at 49,152 at 90% quality using optimizilla (If we choose 100% quality it would...
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    God Tower Puzzle / Riddle

    Try to find the "passwords" by reading the clues on the page. Note: Yes there's answers all over the Internet, just don't go look at the answers. Try and see your skills :)
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    Is there future with Ubuntu?

    Is there future with Ubuntu?
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    x10hosting 2017 at No.3 Congratulations to x10hosting's team. We're listed at No.3 for the best cloud hosting in 2017. This speaks volumes of a small team of dedicated people here at x10hosting. Also thanks to SINGLEHOP for powering our servers.