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    Curl Proxy

    i'm trying to install a mod into zen cart for paypal and its asking me for a curl proxy. i have no idea what this or where to find it. any help????
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    scarface or warriors

    these are my 2 favorite games... which do u like and why????
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    i have a problem

    ok i'm using a zencart script on x10 which has an auto installer. it is a completely new script and i'm not to familiar with it. my problem is since it is a new script for me i cant find where to make the database changes needed for the move on the stoli server. if anyone can tell me how to find...
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    Looking for a new cms

    i've been using nuke evolution for probably a year or more. i love the script but the support community for this cms has gone to ****.( excuse my language) all the developer in thier forums do is fight and argue and instead of helping u with an issue in the current verision, they want u to...
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    pay per click

    can anyone reccomend a good pay per click service to incorporate into my site. i have google ad-sense of course but i'm looking for maybe one maybe 2 more. maybe a banner exchange program too
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    any nuke-evolution or zencart users
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    cron jobs

    are we allowed to request cron jobs on the free server????:dunno:
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    ftp vs cp file manger's

    i cant upload an entire directory or folder via either of the file managers in the control panel. i can upload each file individually after creating the directory in the file manager manually. but uploading each file is rather time consuming. when using ftp this is not a problem. i don't know if...
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    sql databases

    if i use all 3 of the databases associated with my current acct is there a way i can buy more....who knows maybe my points are good for this...i couldnt really find an explaination of the point system. seems they can be used in the arcade but i have yet to figure out what they r good for!?!
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    is there a limit to the number of sites i can host on the free servers at x10.Not that i'm gonna create hundreds but i'm putting my personal sit on x10. i also maintain a site for a bar in town that is currently on a zendurl server but i'd like to move it here.:dunno: if thats not a problem
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    ftp issues

    i've tried to connect to the ftp server using Fireftp and also corefto using the configuration file. i cant connect with either fireftp doesnt tell me why it wont connect however usint the config file for coreftp i got the following error:Started on Sunday December 02, 2007 at 14:00:PM Resolving...
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    ok so????

    it is clear to me that there is server maint. going on. my site seems to work for a short time then go right back down. how long until all is up and running again. not that i'm in any real rush but i'm moving my site from a zendurl server to x10 due to the downtime issues with the host and since...
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    just thought i'd say hello since i cant update my site at the moment..... SoOOOoo....HELLO!!!