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    Your views on the supernatural

    Bah, they're were just stories to scare kids who doesn't sleep early.
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    How will the future world be?

    Future world? That would be something we must carve with our both hands. :D
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Well, BitDefender is really good. But the additional load really bothers me.
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    WHich is the best Antivirus

    I use NOD32 + Spybot.
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    The Ultimate Goal of Life

    What exactly is the point of life? -Err, I can't answer this one. Why are we here? make this world a better place to live. Where are we going? -To war.
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    At what age did you first get a website?

    I made my first when I am 19...It's just a pure HTML based site for my HTML class.