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    Very strange error when trying to access my forums

    Yep you were right. I went over to SMF and they said to just delete the cache files. Thanks for taking the time to help out
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    Very strange error when trying to access my forums

    What is going on here exactly? Is this a webhost sided problem, or should I ask the folks over at SMF?
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    Connection Problems

    The MySQL databases seem to be offline for the vox server, but there isn't any announcement saying that there will be downtime on the status page. Is the x10hosting staff aware of this? :confused:
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    Hosting Account Space Upgrade

    Wait, are you guys still upgrading the space for free accounts? I came across this thread: and just figured that I would post this because I'm not even able to add a file without getting the "no more space" error.
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    Hosting Account Space Upgrade

    Yeah I was just downloading my backups and deleting the files on the server. I don't think I can get it under 500mb though. Edit: If/when my account gets upgraded, how much space will be added? Will it go back to unlimited? Edit2: Also, would you happen to know why my site is appearing to be...
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    Hosting Account Space Upgrade

    I would like the upgrade and I'm pretty sure I'm eligible for it. What's the next step I should take in order to upgrade? Disregard this thread.
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    How can I find the server IP for Remote MYSQL?

    I'm trying to set up the Remote MYSQL feature but I need to know the server IP. I'm using vox if it matters. Thanks
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    Your IP address has changed. Please log in again. - X10 Hosting CPane

    Hmm, strange right after I posted this I tried logging in again but this time it worked.. I guess you can ignore this topic then.
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    Your IP address has changed. Please log in again. - X10 Hosting CPane

    This message comes up when I try to access the Cpanel. "Your IP has changed. Please log in again" - But when I type the correct username and password, it says "Login Successful" but then it brings me back to the IP message again. How can I fix this?
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    MySQL offline?

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    MySQL offline?

    Hello, I have a forum installed on my website and for the past couple of hours or so I haven't been able to browse the forum. This is the message I receive when trying to access the forum: "Connection Problems Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server...
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    Is it possible to switch servers?

    I'm currently using vox, and for some reason Comcast decided to block the vox servers. So, is it possible?
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    x10Hosting cPanel not working?

    Same here.
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    Question about registering a domain

    Hello If I were to buy a domain on, would I be able to use that domain with the x10hosting web hosting service? In other words; Could I use the domain I buy there as a subdomain here? Thanks for reading:tongue:
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    Re: Is it possible for me to change my username?

    Bump :confused: 7,000 views, no reply. Damn.