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    Looing for Online Radio Presenters

    I remember when there was a x10 Radio, not sure what happened to that. However for those of you who were really interested in being Presenters, I have some good news. Long story short - I am starting (or should I say I have started)an online radio station. I have pretty much everything sorted...
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    Sign up somewhere and get 15points

    Ok I am trying to get a domain - and I found a site offering them if I refer people to them and make post. So what I am asking if for you to go to the site register, put my name as the refer and post here. Here is what to do to get the points - READ IT ALL FIRST Register at Removed by...
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    Rate new site layout

    Hey all I am going to start making site layouts for people - I will make post about that later, but right now I am focusing on designing freestyle (that’s what I call it) basically I just start designing and matching things together to make a good layout So please rate my latest work... If...
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    Site Design

    Please rate my website design out of 10 (/10) I want to see if there are any changes to be made;
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    Rate a few banners

    So what do you guys think about some banners that I have made for people. Please rate each one so I know how to improve what I have done. 1. 2. 3...
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    What type of tyccon game do you like?

    Well I am making a game and I need to know what type of tycoon game you like - once you vote for a main one could you please post like what type of game that you like - for example The Sims... then give me some ideas for waht I could make - If your ideas are good I am will to give you 20points...
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    Do you think we should have went to war with Iraq?

    Well we all have different views - but I really want to know what some of you guys think about - it may be a hard question for some or not so hard for others - But... Do you think it was right to go to war with Iraq? - Not only are people still dieing but loved ones are upset about it - I don’t...
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    [REQ] Website Design - For Review Site

    Hey everyone I am making a games review site - and I am also going to be beta testing games for people. So I need a design for the website - I can make templates but I am busy setting everything up with my teammate so I don’t have time to do everything. The design I am looking for I would like...
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    [REQ]2 banners and 1 Icon Needed

    Hey all I am making another game and I need two banners and one icon for advertising and also to be put in the game..... So here is in order or importance what I need. I need a banner with the following information.. Size: 380 * 95 pixels Format: gif or png Text: The Transporter...
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    City Chaos - Game

    Me and a mate of my mine called hermanshooltz stated making this game called City Chaos (based on GTA) - Now we wanted to hear what people thought about we have a topic set up on the GMC and now we decide to see what other people think about the game who probably have never used game maker...
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    [REQ] One banner and One Icon

    Hey all I am making a game and I need one banner and one icon for advertising and also to be put in the game..... So here is in order or importance what I need. I need a banner with the following information.. Size: 380 * 95 pixels Format: gif or png Text: Suicidal Background Image: A...
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    Earn 10points by clicking a link

    Hey all I am trying to get a domain and what I need is some people to click on this link once a day from this forums and everywhere and you can get 10points - you don't need to register or anything just click on the link and once you click on it post here and I will send you your points...
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    Testimonials - Needed Urgently

    Hey all, I am part of sales and I am bussy advertsings like mad but I need some testimonials for it somethinh I am working on and I don't want to make them I'd rather have them current members Since I had no where else to post it I am going to offer 5 - 10 points to people of you want points...
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    ShowOff –The x10hosting Lottery

    This is ShowOff –The x10hosting Lottery where you can win a huge amount of points every Sunday. All you have to do is click here and register for a ticket for the draw.(You have from Monday to Saturday to register for a ticket) Any questions you may have please post here and PM me. Here is a...
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    [OFF]Refer - 10points

    I need about 20 - 40 people to register here and earn at least 10points - on the offers once you register and earn 10points or more post here and I will check and then give you 10points. Please also post the user name you use to register so that I can donate the points to the right person...