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    Is it better to choose a shared hosting or a dedicated server?

    If you are in business, a hosting service would look more professional. Check out the Premium service offered here.
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    Account suspended
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    Borrar cuenta

    Assistance and request should be made in English.
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    Hola, no entiendo porque al querer abrir mi web aparece forbidden 403

    Request for assistance should be made in English. You must be patient until a peer that has access to you problem solution comes on line.
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    Hola, necesito saber como arreglar el forbidden 403

    Request for assistance should be made in English.
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    bloqueo de país cuenta existente

    Request for assistance must be made in English.
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    necesito que activéis mi cuenta error E836505D4666F5DC1

    Request for assistance must be made in English.
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    Error E6F6B0C7DBF482B8A al iniciar sesión. ¿y ahora?

    Request and assistance is in English.
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    requesting unsuspension

    If your account has been suspended you'll need to access our account control panel, available here: Sign into the portal to view your suspension reason. Some suspensions may be removed automatically, such as those due to account inactivity. For all other suspensions...
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    [Solicitud] Borrar Cuenta

    Communication on the panel is in English.
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    Eliminar Suscripcion total

    Communication of the panel is in English
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    x13 Server

    When I enter the URL in a browser search window I receive the "Can not reach this page" message. If I place the URL in an e-mail as a link or as a link in a message here and then click on the link I am taken to the web site. A puzzle.
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    x13 Server

    My web site at will not open on the internet. I am on x13 server. I do not have any problems logging into DirectAdmin. I think I need an administrator to check into this problem, it has been ongoing for more than a week.
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    x13 Server

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    x13 Server

    Are there any problems with x13 Server? I have not been able to access my site, for the last few days. Wednesday. Waiting for a check on x13 server.