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    X10Hosting Gamer Tag Listing

    Username: kirtik Age: 17 Location: Leicestershire, UK Xbox Live: t3hrikkit (GFWL only) Steam: tehrikkit (game list here) XFire: tehrikkit Games: Team Fortress 2 (90% of the time), Left4Dead, other VALVe games, Civ IV, Total War games. Most are Steam games.
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    Free domain.

    This is still working, btw. I'm sure it said that it ends end of December 2008? W/e. Free stuff is still free. :D
  3. kirtik X10Hosting Group

    Just joined. Name is tehrikkit, btw.
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I really like Vista. W7 is practically the same, except it's crashed on me more. The short time I had Ubuntu was good, except there weren't any drivers for my graphics card or wifi.. D:
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    What games are you waiting for this year?

    Empire Total War. That's it really, it'll probably last me a while ^_^
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    New Layout

    Urm... 'Cyclops' is the singular, sorry to be anal.
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    exec ()

    When attempting to import a .t3d file for a free template in TYPO3, Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/kirtik/public_html/ on line 173 Is there a way to fix this or should I apply for the highest php level (I...
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    The orange box?

    Yes. Why pay £30 for one game when you can get five?
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    Post your specs

    Zepto Nexus A15 Laptop 15.4" 1280x800 screen 320Gb HDD Intel Wifi Link 5300 bgn nVidia GeForce 9600M GT Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 (2.26GHz x2) 4 Gb DDR2 RAM Vista Ultimate :)
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    Adobe photoshop cs4 is here!

    I just got the master collection. =D Resources are fine, etc. It also seems a lot more intuitive than CS3, and the display problems in Dreamweaver are fixed =D
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    USA Presidential elections....

    Some states vote early, as far as I can gather.
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    GTA IV for PC?

    QUAD core recommended? WHAT.
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    require_once() disabled?

    It wasn't for illegal content. Torrents don't always mean piracy. But I understand your point. Apologies.
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    require_once() disabled?

    Oh, ok. Could you put that somewhere? I did check the TOS before. I'll remove it. Thanks.