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    Please unsuspend my account.

    Thanks, but my account has been suspended again? Is there any way to allow me access but not the public or something? I really just need to export my data at the moment. EDIT: I can't access cpanel either. If i could somehow access the files, I'd rename my index.php file so it might not use as...
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    Please unsuspend my account.

    My account has been suspended (again, something is apparently using up a lot of resources). I can't find how to unsuspend it myself, so could a moderator please unsuspend my account? I think I will probably be moving my blog elsewhere, because the downtime and suspensions are getting very...
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    I've been having a lot of problems with my website

    For the past couple of months, it's been nothing but problems with my website. First, apparently my databases' passwords were changed when I changed my main hosting password (which is OK i guess, it just caused some problems). Now for some reason, I get a 404 error while trying to load my...
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    Slow loading

    For a while now, my site has been loading very slowly. Once and a while it will load somewhat normally, but it seems like most of the time it is slow. Is this something with the server my site's on or is it something on my website that I could fix?
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    The Ctrl+V game Copied that into an IM conversation because I thought it was kind of neat/funny
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    Account suspended, can't login to x10hosting to fix it...

    Thanks for unsuspending my account. When I click that link, I still get a fatal error (I think it redirected to
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    Account suspended, can't login to x10hosting to fix it...

    My account was suspended for high CPU usage. I believe it was caused because some wordpress plugins wouldn't update (they don't update right for some reason). Is there any way an x10hosting admin can unsuspend my account for me since I'm getting a fatal error when I click USER LOGIN on the...
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    Does my site load slow for anyone?

    It's weird because they replied a little bit later saying it was loading fine. I guess it was just a temporary thing. Seems like there's a lot of bugs with x10hosting, maybe from all the upgrades?
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    Does my site load slow for anyone?

    I posted in a computer forum asking for feedback on my website and the first person to respond said that it took about 5 minutes for my page to load. When I load it, it is pretty quick. If it's not too much trouble, could a few other people load my site and tell me how long it takes to load...
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    500 server error and was suspended

    I have had a wordpress blog running on my website (x10hosting url is but is my other domain for quicker access) This morning, I tried going to my admin panel but it wasn't loading. I tried going to my website and it also didn't load (I got a...
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    Community Helpers vs Normal Members

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    Get "" domain to work with your x10hosting account.

    I'm getting the same error also. I tried with both and EDIT: OK even though I got the error, I tried adding the domains again and it said they were already setup. If you get this error, try typing the domain again. If it still doesn't work, wait a little while and try again...
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    Website redirected to error page?

    I looked over the rules but didn't see anything about bumping. I hope it's OK since my post is off the first page
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    Website redirected to error page?

    My website was working earlier but now its showing a page saying: My site loads completely then redirects to this website. If I hit 'Stop' before it starts loading the error page, I can access my site fine. The page it redirects to is...
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    Hi there, sometimes I cannot open my website

    I notice weird things like this a lot. I don't think I can go a full week without sometime having to refresh my site to get it to load. It's actually starting to annoy me.