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    Donate to the relief Effort for Katrina

    A Statement From WoR-Radio: "We at WoR-Radio are experiencing the disaster close to home. Four of our staff and their families live in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi, areas hardest hit by Katrina. We are getting first hand reports back of the loss of property, possessions and life. This...
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    Account Suspended

    cPanel Username:luegames How long your account has been up:7 months Did you have the ads placed on every page:Yes, I was hosting a few files on the site also and I was going to remove them today because they had served their purpose.
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    Rate my site, please While you are there, please click the google ad.
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    Need help installing boards

    I am installing Delta boards The readme says: 1. Installation - Edit the file 'config.php'. - Create the tables of the boards using 'delta.sql'. - Upload all the files that are in the folder 'upload'. - Chmod the folder where all the files are in to 0777. - Register an account...
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    Question about Google

    Can I put Google ads on my site? I assume I need to get approval before putting the ads on my site? Are they allowed? my site:
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    How to install SMF?

    I dled the smf zip file and i unzipped it. Now what?
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    I go to which is the site, but all it shows are folder things. How can you make a webpage appear instead of those folder things?