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    Believe me I know the feeling but I have been waiting 4 months for my php scripts to work again... I have to use my computer here just for my php scripts to work.... plus the site has been going up and down for weeks now so people do not want to visit it. I know this is a free service but it...
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    PHP MYSQL Connect

    @sarvar Yea your right I did miss that. Thanks :biggrin: @Livewire Yea I submitted a support ticket over a month ago and nothing has been done and this script is very vital to my site...I guess I just have to sit and wait longer since there is nothing I can do =/
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    PHP MYSQL Connect

    Yea im absolutely sure that my ports are forwarded, I also thought about moving my database to x10 so I could just put localhost and it would work... but still something like that I shouldn't be having this trouble...
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    PHP MYSQL Connect

    Hello everyone, I have a unusual problem... I have my own MYSQL server but I cannot in any way get php scripts to connect to it. This has been going on for over a month now and x10 support has not helped. Here is one of the scripts im using to connect to it.... <?php $options = array (...