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    Resolved Very slow webpage

    Start by losslessly optimizing your images. Using FileOptimizer I was able to reduce from 101,266 bytes to 41,984 bytes.
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    Resolved I have tried the self help page with no joy... works for me. Redirects to does not bring up a website.
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    Resolved Request for additional disk space

    @Anna thank you! And all the admins too! You can mark it as Resolved.
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    Resolved Request for additional disk space

    I'm at 417 MB. Yes, I have 2 public galleries but most of space is used for Results images on the News page. I had to backup last night to update WP to 5.6 and had to manually do it via FTP as no room for .tar.gz file.
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    Resolved Not receiving email

    What's your domain name?
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    Resolved Can send email but not receive.

    What's your domain name?
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    Resolved AUTH TLS Error: Could not connect to server. Error when I trying login FTP on Filezilla

    I use the Site Manger in FileZilla. Attached is a screenshot of those settings. The log is below: Status: Resolving address of Status: Connecting to 198.91.##.##:21... Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Status: Initializing TLS...
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    Resolved Domain Renewal

    I can't find any sort of expiration date in the whois info for your domain. I would advise contacting your register/registrar.
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    Resolved AUTH TLS Error: Could not connect to server. Error when I trying login FTP on Filezilla

    Use the following settings in FileZilla: Protocol: FTP Host: Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS Logon Type: Normal
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    Resolved Domain Renewal

    What is your domain?
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    Resolved Wordpress Question

    Finally a non-migration issue :D I was able to upgrade my WordPress to 5.4.2 on x11 with PHP 7.3. No white screen. This was done previously.
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    Resolved File size upload limit

    Use a FTP client. For encryption you need to use: Require explicit FTP over TLS.
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    Resolved Trying to create a cron job to delete files

    try "rm -f /home/denizx13/domains/"
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    Resolved Upload Plugin Error

    Upload the file using the File Manager or FTP and then Extract it using File Manager. You can also try changing the upload_max_filesize in PHP options section of DirectAdmin.
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    Resolved Website won't load, times out resolves to which has a PTR record of (and resolves back to When you access DirectAdmin (cPanel), does it show in the address bar or a different URL?