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    Newbie from India...

    Welcome to x10hosting and enjoy best free hosting in the universe :P
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    Hi welcome to x10hosting mate :)
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    Hello, Everyone!

    Hi max and welcome to X10h =)
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    Hola Hello

    Hi, Welcome to X10hosting =)
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    Hi, welcome to X10hosting mate =)
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    Hi, I'm New

    Welcome to X10forums dude=)
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    Hi from the UK

    Welcome to X10hosting =)
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    Hi, Welcome to X10hosting and enjoy this free quality hosting =)
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    are you bored?

    I ain't bored at all :)
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    Fallout vs. Oblivion

    Fallout is far better imo
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    Hey guys, hey sohail!

    Hi greeting and welcome to x10 :)
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    Lego Building, Destroying, Explosives, Multiplayer?

    I think this game is good for creativity when u are like 15 or younger :P