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    disk full

    ftp says disk full please try later
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    when i try deleting some directries it always gives me this error STATUS:> PWD skipped. Current folder: "/public_html/lists/admin". COMMAND:> RMD plugins 550 plugins: Directory not empty ERROR:> Requested action not taken (e.g., file or directory not found, no access). any ideas
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    scripts going crazy any one know why my scripts are showing up in the wrong frames and nothing is working right i thought the servers php was fixed? well its working now but every once in a while it mess's up
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    ASP please

    here is a cool progrm u can install on Apache so u can use .asp scripts please cpuld some one install it so i can use my asp scripts pleaseee :sad:
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    script please

    i want a mirc chat room on my thing i have to have ssh privleges do i if not if i get the script can it be installed by some one else ??
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    ftp no work

    my ftp will not connect any onne haveing an issue like that ?
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    ad help

    i have no idea how to add the ad can you help please if posibul im testing out a new post nuke can i have the url's of all your banners ? and i need the regular code for corp for my regular html site