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    Just wondering whether it is okay for me to install a private (passworded) CGIProxy on my x10 hosted site. I checked the TOS, and it looks like I'm in the clear, but I want to be certain.
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    maestro still suspended

    [B]cPanel Username:[/B] maestro [B]Subdomain:[/B] [B]How long your account has been up:[/B] 2 months [B]Did you have the ads placed on every page:[/B] Apparently not. In another thread I posted that I had been suspended, and tyler pointed out that I have a temp page with...
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    maestro suspended

    cPanel Username: maestro Subdomain: How long your account has been up: 2 months Did you have the ads placed on every page: Every normal public page... I may have had a couple of testing pages uploaded that didn't have the appropriate ad code.
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    Hi, I'm maestro, and I live in South Australia. I like computer stuff, like web design, programming, etc. This place seems pretty good :happy: