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    Please unsuspend my account

    It says my accout is suspended. then when i check sauspension reason it says "this account is not suspended!" i dont understand thanks
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    Please tell me what you think. Please give any suggestions, please do not just say "its crap" tell me why
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    [PHP] SMF question

    Hello, I am pretty new and not good in PHP. I am wondering how to remove the text that says Theme By (whoever made theme) Also the Wring beside it saying powerd by SMF and stuff, Just to make my forum cleaner if possible, any help appreciated:)
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    Somthing wrong with certificate

    Hello, my forum was running perfectly for about two days and now it says theres somthing wrong with my certificate.... How can i fix this? to check it out thanks for any help. FIXED SORRY
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    Mowk Forums tell me what u think. any suggestions? not complety done yet but ya