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    x10 allows MP3 Search Engines?

    I don't see why the language matters (I would say its PHP) but the site still allows access to copyrighted MP3's via search.
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    x10 allows MP3 Search Engines?

    I was browsing some sites and found a mp3 search script on x10.. I figured that was pretty weird for a free host...
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    Forums with "Mod-Nazi's"

    So I was wrong for offering free design services in the design section because that's spam. That's like saying your signature is spam because you posted it in your signature section. Define spam. I never posted any out-going links or even stated that I have a outside design service. And yes...
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    Forums with "Mod-Nazi's"

    What do you think of forums that overly moderate. I've joined a relatively small forum (2-3k users) in the past week and it has about five mods who are relentless. I've received 3 infractions in a single week, one of them for offering free service to their users, I didn't even plug my site...
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    World Community Grid - x10 team

    joined =D
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    How many forum members does it takes to change a light bulb?

    Two - One to post a thread about it in the help section, and another to stare at it in a confused manner.
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    Opinions on an idea for a Website Needed

    Me and a friend were considering starting up a website that would offer free web design/coding services. The plan is to do about 1-4 design/coding jobs every three weeks, and eventually build a list so we would always have work. So basically people would get free site layouts, granted it may be...
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    x10 Blog

    Does x10 have a newsletter? I thought it used to, but nothing has crossed my inbox lately.
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    x10 Blog

    Almost all of my past hosts had a blog that was run by the host owners/managers. I figured it would be nice for x10 to have one.... I'd find it interesting.
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    What do you think of a .info domain/whole name?

    For the past 6-8 months I've been using a .info for my personal blog. What do you think of a .info for a personal blog? I ask since most people view it negatively since .info sites are usually spam. I know that I'm taking a SEO hit by using it.. but I really like the name I got. While we're...
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    Three Domains - Starting @ $6.00

    All domains are listed in Google. Only accepting payment via Paypal. Check out the screenshot, all non-blurred domains are for sale. Expiration dates are available in the screenshot. Six dollars or best offer. Edit: Quick note... For $25.00 you can have the entire ArcadeBag site w/ the...
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    Want a Google Wave invite?

    sent to the email associated w/ your forum account I can't send the invites if you don't PM me your email or have one associated w/ your account.
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    Want a Google Wave invite?

    I have a few post or PM me your email address. Please only request one if you are going to use it.
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    Blog Redesigned

    So I finally got around to finishing my blogs template and I wanted some feedback. Its not 100% I still have to style the comments and a few smaller things around the site. It's still a bit buggy since this time I didn't create a pure HTML layout before the wordpress layout. For the most part...
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    Flash vs Dreamweaver

    Use plan html/css using flash will kill SEO.