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    Teronga - We work for you! Just roam here and enrich yourself

    Great site, full of content, might as well read and be inspired.
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    Free and Fresh Travel Wordpress Themes & Blogger Templates Around the World

    Just saw this, this is amazing! Useful for travel blogs!
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    Script for a public photo gallery

    There could be good plugins for great CMS like joomla and wordpress, but, it could eat up HUGE amount of resources and thus could make you suspended. Try to find repository plugins from forementioned CMS, you might be surprised.
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    Post your specs

    P-4 2.0Ghz 1 Gb Ram 14" Fujistu LCD
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    Hi there! Indeed better than elsewhere! Hope you would enjoy your stay here in this community! God bless!
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    Global Warming: fact or fiction?

    It's not concrete. Basically our planet has different seasons, and they just took satellite pictures on the ice caps during summer. Ice melts during that time. Water level will rise. But during winter, everything cools down. It's a cycle of season. Climate change is temporary during the change...
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    For the jobs I use windows xp, it takes care of every needs I have minus the downsides on the development core, but with few patches, it's perfect for me. But on gaming, I love windows 7, it boosts and squeezes the very last drop of my video card and produces extreme graphics. But for some nerdy...
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    Logo - 1,500 points

    Is this taken already or not yet? I am willing to make this one for you. Hope I could take this job because I'm filling up my portfolio this time. Cheers, Michael
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    Hi I'm new here

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome!
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    Hi I'm new here

    Hi there, I'm michael and new here in x10hosting. Hope that I could hear from you and hope to see people who are willing to help me learn more about website development on this environment of hosting.:biggrin: