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    Review my comic site.

    I agree with previous reviews. The site looks great, but the enter page is not needed (unless you plan to host some "Adult" comics :biggrin:)
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    Check out my template thus far

    What I like about your site: The style, nice composition of colors and box borders are great. What can be improved (by my opinion): - put the copyright information as a sticky footer (just Google for it if you don't know how... there are a lot of good tutorials on "sticky footers")...
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    A little complicated problem

    Let's say I have a script configuration like this: Explanation: I have to collect some data from a form on the page and pass it to a third-party server that will accept the data and return me an .xml file based on the data I sent. I then need to process the xml data, validate it with some...
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    Suspected Malware

    Confirmed... Mallware warnings are appearing on every sub-domain of including this forum and my own website that is still in development process and only has the front page atm. This is what Google Chrome says about it: Edit: Ok,... I rushed to post the message but have now read...
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    Any EVE Online "junkies" here?

    I would like to know is there anyone here that plays EVE Online. If you play it, please don't post your in-game character name, maybe I'll be tempted to wardec you :) ... just joking... you can if you want to. Post here how long do you play and how are you playing it (highsec, lowsec pirate, 0.0...
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    Which is your favorite Gaming Company?

    CCP Games ... but seriously. These guys are superb when it comes to customer support, unlike the other MMO companies on the market. Also, there is that "tiny" advantage over other MMO companies: two (yes... 2) FREE expansions every year.
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    Review My site

    I felt threatened by that black box on the right. Could you consider putting some friendlier color there? I mean, black box can look good, but not on white background. ...just my opinion. Apart from that, it looks great.
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    PHP developer - new to this site

    Just wanted to drop by and say hello to everyone. I heard about this host (and great community on the site ;) ) from my younger brother who got into web design way before me, so now I must catch up with him :) Anyway, I plan to build php/MySql/XML driven community web service that will be...