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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I use Avast and found it to be really helpful. The best thing is that it does not take much space and memory itself
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    Loads of Javascript Help

    If you need some good Javascript codes for your site. Try and check this site: You will find a loads of goodies which are separated into different categories. You can also get some AJAX based tickers and all. Enjoy
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    Image transition effects for IE

    You can get some more of them in dynamicdrive. Check them... they are good
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    Need Some Ideas on Building an Online Community

    I think.. you can go with PHP / MySQL. PHP will help you with resizing your photos and making them small. I am sure you will need this since people may post huge pics. You can have MySQL to handle all database. AJAX is a good way to make your site more efficient. Let me know if you need more...
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    cpanel filemanager problem

    I think the problem is with the internet browser that you use. Try using some other user and check. I do not face this problem normally.
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    Buying Custom WebTemplate For 4000 X10 Credits!!!!

    Well... any web template that you want. I can create perfectly for you. Please let me know exactly what is your requirement and then I will go accordingly. Thank you
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    Latest signature tags

    They are really great work man. Do you use Adobe Photoshop or some other tools?
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    Can't login to cPanel

    i can always log in to the same. Do one thing... Login to with your id and check if your id is suspended due to some reason
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    My Name

    There is a huge glowy thing... Try and make it a bit simple and cleaner
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    My little tutorial on fast, easy, good-looking graphics.

    Hey its a nice little tutorial. But i feel its too simple.. Any way thanks
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    Looking for photoshop uh... "guru"

    Let me know of you still need some help. Also let me know what kinda help do you want!!! Edit: I hope I can help you with enough tutorials and other materials. I think you can use other tools as well.
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    PHP FlowMap

    What exactly do you want??? What is a flow map???
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    Wordpress mag

    Sorry... broken link!!!!!!!!!
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    Joomla ?

    Hi, You can use the Joomala, but you dont need. You can do this simply using cookies.
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    Project Preview.

    Hey.. I think there is another post with this same site. Anyway, you could do this a bit more "gorgeous" Take care