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    simply point one object to another! or use arrays instead ,since linked lists are slow when accessing/searching large amounts of data in a linked list
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    parsing html links with php [100 credits]

    iam opening a remote file using curl to do this and hence i cant use fgets i tried some html parsers but they only parse link such as "<a href="">grg</a> but not "<a href="xyz.txt">grg</a>" here is the code iam using <? if (function_exists('curl_init')) { $ch =...
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    parsing html links with php [100 credits]

    i have a html page for ex: ..........<body> <a href="jj5f.txt">rtt</a><br> <a href="jjf75.txt">rtt</a><br> <a href="jjof.txt">rtt</a><br> <a href="jj8f.txt">rtt</a><br> </body>............ so ill then open that page $content=fopen('page.html'); from $content i want to find out the...
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    smf registration for and login script for 300 points

    i have a smf 1.1.5 forum .and i want to make it accesible for a cell phone{gprs}. though the forum also has a wap version but it does not allow registration via a cell phone. so if some one can create me a simple registration page with no css ,no javascripts,and no images ,just simple html,so...
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    Get paid for playing Games.

    nice one .but the games dont seem to load
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    how do i do this? (php)

    sorry for the mistakes i made above its $i++ and .txt i just want to know is there a another way of deleting 10 files atonce
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    how do i do this? (php)

    i dont think thats possible ?is there a another way?
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    how do i do this? (php)

    suppose i have 10 files in order(ie 1.txt,2.txt,3.txt,4.txt.......10.txt) and i want to delete all 10 files at once how do i do it using loops just change the below script if possible <? for($i=1;$i<=10;i++) { unlink("$i.php"); } ?>
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    reading a remote file??

    does any know how to read a remote file with c language?
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    reverse ,add,no of digits ,with c

    consider i have a number... int a=3453; i want that no. to be reversed ie:3543 i want the digits to be added ie:3+4+5+3=15 and i want to count the no. of digits in th given no. ie .there are 4 digits in this no. please dont use any inbuilt functions to do this,u may use loops and if...
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    finding square root in php for 30 credits

    does any one know how to find the square root of a number. with php for example if i input 25 then i must get the result 5,and if the input is 6(which does not have a s.root),it must echo invalid no. i hope you understood,i want the script to be simple ,really really simple ,u may use stuff...
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    mysql buddy list

    hi iam trying to build a community site iam trying to make friends list for a user my database looks somewhat as below id username pssw age friends etc etc 1 rrtyrthrt trrtry yy 2 trtrert tert yy but the problem is ill be abe to...
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    online user check?? with php

    does any one know how to check whether a user is online ,i mean the registered user,for example if a user is online in this forum a image just besides his pic appears green and if he is offline it appears dark blue or black. can any one give me a hint how does the online stuff work....i...
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    php unlink script for 100 credits!!!

    can any one make me a directory delete script which has files but no folders in it to be more precise i want to delete it from a html form like this one below so when i hit the submit button i want the directory to be deleted of which i have typed the name in the input box. and one more thing...
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    a joke site

    please review my jokes website though the jokes r old coz it took me long to collect the jokes n then to create the site