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    Need an answer ....Ads are setup and everything.Site is not working properly for anyone.
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    Site deleted?

    I can't even acess it anymore.everything was set up, and the ads were in there....What's wrong.. eidt:hmmm its working now, thanks if you did anything Edit: I think a spoke a little too early, not working again.... double edit:NOT WORKING
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    problem =/ What happened?_?
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    error on T.O.S.

    no biggie but in the T.O.S. there is an error it goes from no.2 to no.4 =/
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    My forum

    My forum is about yu-gi-oh trading cards i would like anyone to see my forum and rate it and if you wanna register be my guest Here's my site
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    annoying PM advertising

    ok i just got this PM i really think this should be stopped it is annoying especially when new members do it.I really dont think this should be allowed.this really annoys me not the fact that he is advertising but the fact that he just joined :mad: .what do you think about this??
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    Your account has been suspended by the administration. For more information, contact the visit the x10Hosting support forums or email the support team. I only got one Question:Why did it get suspended?_?Im very dissapointed since i was working on that forum for more than 1 week and now it...
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    my friend story

    As you can see in my signature i have a link to site owned by my friend Wani his site has a very interesting story and he wants people to read it because he never gets new hits i recommend you to go to his site believe me the story is cool :D . post your thoughs about it.thanks.
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    why did SQL databases got reduced to 5?_?
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    rate the avatar of the person above you

    rate the avatar of the person above you in a scale of 0-10
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    Nintendo DS

    what do you guys think about the Nintendo DS? i think is awesome the 2 screens idea was very original and i definetely will buy it when i have the chance :D
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    any TCG

    any of you play a trading card game?_? i do play yu-gi-oh as a hobbie anyone else?