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    Any plans to update to PHP 7?

    Why don't we have 5.6 yet? Its neither there on the free nor on premium hosting.
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    Happy New Year and Plans For 2016

    @Corey This is a great move, and many of my friends will appreciate this, especially those who run want a simple portfolio for their work website. So is the Weebly builder coming to paid hosting as an option in cPanel. If it does, it will be fantastic.
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    David Deland, aka Carl6969

    Oh my dear! I'll miss him a lot. I remember back in those days, how helpful he was, back when I joined x10. Good ol' 2007.
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    How Did you find x10 Hosting

    I found it after searching a lot on Google. Glad I found x10, it changed my whole life. The free account helped me a lot in learning web development and in school projects. Today I'm in college and a proud x10Premium customer, hosting 3 sites for 3 different organisations. Had I not found x10...
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    The Forum Desperately Needs This.

    Haha! That is awesome. Do you anyone who could implement the hardware part?
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    Its great to be back in x10.

    Its great to be back in x10.
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    Who killed x10 forums?

    The forum was a really good place back in 2007, when I first came here.
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    Retired staff

    Welcome back guys. Well I'm not a staff, but I've been here since 2007-2008. And its a delight to see you all again. :D
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    My website is not resolving

    Thanks for pointing out the exact problem. I have reset the records and everything is working well now. Thank you all once again. Sent from my HTC HD2 using Tapatalk HD
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    My website is not resolving

    Then how about this? Looks fine to me: Sent from my HTC HD2 using Tapatalk HD
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    My website is not resolving

    I have a website hosted on x10's free server vox. My main domain name is correctly pointed to the nameservers: Yet, I get a domain/host not found error while trying to view my site. It was working fine all the while until now. My DNS is okay and...
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    My primary hostname does not resolve

    Hello staff, I'm having a serious issue at free hosting. My hostname does not resolve to my server Vox. I have checked that I have entered the nameservers properly. My site hasn't been loading for the last few months. I had posted about this issue long way back but got no reply. Please...
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    Main domain not resolving

    Yup. The name servers are set up properly: Sent with love from me to you via HTC HD2 with Tapatalk 2
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    Main domain not resolving

    I have a free hosting account with Main domain: Hosting username: nandi Server: vox When I try to open in browser, I get a server not found error. I think this is a name resolution problem. Please resolve it. I'll be grateful. Thanks. :) Sent with love from me to you via HTC...
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    Why am I moved to a High Risk plan?

    Dear Admins, My hosting account seems to have moved to a High Risk plan with 500MB diskspace and 10GB bandwidth. I have been using X10hosting for a very long time and my website also falls inline with the ToS. Please remove the restrictions and provide me the full package if possible. Also I...