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    Account Suspended

    My account as been suspended (abuse of ticketing system). I apolagise for the spam but i posted using my mobile phone. it went wild and then gave me and ERROR: Redirection ammount exeeded. I have been instructed by a notification in my account that i needed to create a thred to unsuspend. The...
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    account got deleted, now recreated cannot login cPanel.

    "Login Attempt Failed!" Is the error i get from cPanel on login attempt.
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    account got deleted, now recreated cannot login cPanel.

    I had a functional account witch worked perfactly. I had my website up and running. (i could login to cPanel) Then: First i had my account suspended for inactivity, then i made some post's, then got deleted because i nint press unsuspend. So my account got deleted:rant2:. Now i have recreated...
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    PHP or HTML?

    My vote is learn php and html together, PHP will enable you to do mutch more thrn just using html. For example: Mail, File Management, MySQL Databases, Loop's If's and Else's
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    Darkoogle closed ?

    wow, that went down fast
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    MMORPG's: Whats Good? apart from WOW?

    please list your mmorpg's with a rating and a short description. Please include a web link. Thanks:naughty: