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    Help on uploading

    There's more than one way to upload/download files to your x10hosting account, this video will give you information on two ways of doing it, Please note that the video is rather old so things might not look exactly the same but should be suffice for you to achive your goal. Note: There should...
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    Contact Form

    Hi brando66, Have you checked to see if the wordpress itself can send & receive mail, have you also tried sending from your cPanel Webmail to yourself & back to see if thats working, if the mail system has a problem possibly due to recent upgrade work being carried out of late, you can...
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    Review my site

    Please Provide a link ;) Thanks!
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    Contact Form

    Although your issue above is with a contact form, have you checked if normal email's are working correctly on your wordpress installation, either by sending a email to yourself or a user sending you one.? If it's deffo the contact form you may want to have a look here I do not receive email...
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    Which is The Best cms Wordpress or joomla ?

    Here you Go Wiki - Content_management_system
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    Clear suspended Domain?

    Hi Citrix, Just a quicky, have you accessed your cPanel to see the reason it may just be suspended due to activity & just requirs you the re- enable it again. Other than that wait for a staff reply. Regards You can delete this Dead-i
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    Inquiry on my appeal

    Hi tao4allx, If you would like assistance in adding a translator to your site I would be only to happy to help you achive this. If you no longer require to have your site running with x10hosting, Please ignore my message. Regards
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    Somebody That I Used to Know Heres the staff of x10 hosting having a go themselves, I can spot Anna obviously & think thats leafypigg on the far right!.
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    Here is Jason Kertson performing Andy McKee's song "Drifting" off of the album "Art of Motion." Jason is using two guitars during the song: one for the bass notes and percussion and the other for the lead.
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    MySQL PHP Errors.

    @ mofolege, Here an excerpt from one of Anna's posts What can you do? Please, once in a while take a look at your files, see if there is an error_log among your files (usually located directly in the domain root). If there is one that would indicate some part of your site doesn't work properly...
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    not able to customize my site

    I have always had an interest in radio communication from a young age, as a kid my first communication device was 2 tins & a piece of string, as time pregressed, I was talking with operators around the globe. Its an interesting hobby if you have the time & money to plough into it.
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    not able to customize my site

    Hi hamradi2, Wether its a free or paid theme your best bet is to make sure that its compatible with wordpress 9.3.1 there should be a link attached to the theme somewhere linking you to the author or makers site or support page. Hope that helps. 73's
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    not able to customize my site

    Hi hamradi2, Is that the theme you have always used or is it a newely installed one ? Activate a different theme from the theme list & see if the editor for that theme works ok, if it does, switch back to what had the issue to see if the dropdowns work, you need to figure out wether its a...
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    403 Forbidden

    If leafypiggy has seen the site up & running its probably you browser thats creating the problem for you, clear out your cache & cookies ;)
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    MySQL PHP Errors.

    Sorry mofolege but supplying another link to a board with a 500 error on will only result in getting the same error result, your best option is to google it to understand what it means & what might be causing it. Regards