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    Thanks X10hosting, You are Great!

    Yes thank you all at X10 This stuff is not easy and you all keep making it work.
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    My site is working better than ever, and it has stayed that way for over a week now. All is well after the move. Great job on absolut. I know you all worked hard to get it done, and it is appreciated. Like I said X10 and its people are the best out here. THANKS:smile:
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    Server Moves

    It's getting late. All you big brain Techs working on the server need to get some nice hot cheezy pizza and some cola. May be a couple of 3 musketeers bars for desert. good luck to all of you ....Thanks
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    Love x10

    Thank you:smile:
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    Love x10

    I love you guys. my account is suspended right now and I have tried to un suspend it using the portal as directed but it just sits there thanking me for my patience. I can't see or access my web site but thats okay. x10 is great anyway. I am wondering why it it suspended. I logged in using...
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    Which Web Browser you like most?

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    Thanks X10hosting, You are Great!

    same here no problemo...Thanks to you all and your love of the work.
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    What scares you the most?

    No free web hosting ...The thought terrifies me.
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    Response to feedback

    A talented group of humans, very talented.
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    X10hosting number one!!

    Just a little something I am adding today. I got an email stating my account was suspended yesterday, three hours after the receipt of the email I logged into the portal and then also posted the above thank you. My account was suspended anyway. Now for the good part...A link was provided to...
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    X10hosting number one!!

    Yes x10 is number one. Thanks for the opportunity to get it done.
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    Just Saying Hello

    Still going thanks to x10 hosting. Got a dual boot old Dell machine on my left. ( wXP and ubu10.4) And a dual boot old Dell on my right. (debsqueeze and Linux Mint 12 kDE ) I dont understand much of any of it but I keep hacking away at it all Got a 9$ subscription to Safari Books on line and I...
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    Just Saying Hello

    Well I'm still around. Still hacking away at Html and Css using a text editor , and Debian Squeeze linux for an OS. I'm in my 6Th decade on the planet and I enjoy this stuff. Don't get to watch much TV. Thanks x10.
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    Just Saying Hello

    Hope you had happy holidays 8 and Hello.
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    Posting in forum once a month

    I like to post once a month , i can check my post and remind myself I ....still exist.:)