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    how come it says use of eval is forbidden on my site?
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    How do you make a poll? I don't see a place to put the poll options in
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    Is there a way to....

    Is there a way to make it so the forums automatically add topics you have created or you have posted in to your subscribed threads list? I can't keep track of topics I have made otherwise and as the topics in some forums move so quickly, I have to search through them all!
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    GTA IV looks sooo awesome

    I am soooooooo badly getting this!!! It looks sooooo good. I been watching previews and reading up all about it on the internet lately, and now I just can't wait for the game, even though its not coming out for ages. GTA Vice City was amazing and GTA San Andreas was even better, and this one...
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    What coding languages do YOU know?

    I know HTML, CSS, and basic JS and PHP. :cool:
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    Top List?

    Why has the x10hosting top list not got any websites on it? Are we not allowed to sign up for it?
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    Graphics shop

    I'll make you any graphics you want for credits here. 10 credits each Examples of work. Site Graphics Page of my website everything else on my website is also made by me, but I can make mostly anything, except for flash now, since my trial ended. :(
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    Domain Questions

    I bought my domain on freewebs unfortunately. Is there anyway I can transfer it over to x10hosting? Or cancel it on freewebs and buy it again on x10hosting? And the buttons underneath the domain section on my account on the home site, don't work and don't link me to anywhere.
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    Hello, New here.

    I joined x10hosting a while back, but I never used the forum much. I'll start using it now though.
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    2 serious questions --- please answer ASAP

    1. I keep getting suspended for not linking my forum account. My username/ pass is same on site and forum, and I don't know how to link them, or what it does. Can someone tell me? 2. I want to get a domain, but when I log in on the home-site, the account buttons do not work and do not link...